Radio Is Still Going Strong

Radio is still America’s #1 reach medium. This is obviously due to the fact that radio personalities are high on the list of “influencers” in the market. According to research, 79% of marketers consider radio station on-air personalities to be celebrity influencers, and 85% of marketers say that trust is the most important quality they look for in an influencer.

With the onslaught of “digital influencers” now, authenticity is being brought into question. Although they are similar, digital and radio influencers treat marketing differently. Social media influencers tend to talk about products/services briefly or with vague remarks. These are usually short mentions or hashtags. Social media followers are left wondering how much the endorser actually uses the product or service themselves. Conversely, radio influencers spend more time sharing anecdotes about the advertiser and the benefits of its products/services.

Most radio personalities have won trust from their listeners, many of whom have been loyal to them for years. That’s why they’re called “personalities.” They know how to promote and sell products/services by being real and using storytelling. So brands that tap into the radio industry can expect to see a significant increase in earned media and website traffic. 

There are over 25,000 on-air radio personalities across the U.S. These personalities (or “talent” as the industry calls them) consist of disc jockeys, talk show hosts, weather forecasters and others who’ve developed a loyal following – so much so that their listeners trust them and even consider them friends. These influencers’ endorsements drive conversions.

According to Jacob Media’s “Tech Survey 2018,” 58% of listeners tune in for talent, and Nielsen showed that 37% of listeners say that DJs are the reason they tune in to traditional radio, even stating that DJs add to the enjoyment of the music. Due to these influencers and their endorsements, radio advertising is still a smart and solid advertising platform. Brands can benefit from taking a new look at these personalities and incorporating radio into their marketing plans.