Summer Advertising Strategies

It’s summertime, and the living is easy… but the advertising? Well, that can be easy too if the right steps are taken.

The weather has warmed up, children are almost out of school and people are spending more time outdoors. As they start to emerge from their Covid cocoons, many are planning summer vacations again. Americans spend more money over the summer but their spending habits can widely differ. If your business adopts a well-planned summer advertising and marketing strategy aimed directly at your target consumers, you’ll make the most of their summer spending.

  • Weather-related Marketing
    Weather can play a big role in people’s activities. Keeping an eye on the weather and having weather-related ads that change accordingly can make your brand seem up-to-date and more relatable. Having a variety of weather-related ads and email marketing campaigns makes your brand resonate with your consumers.
  • Outdoor Marketing
     Billboard advertising has not gone the way of the dinosaur. Billboards are still relevant to people traveling or commuting to work. Modern digital billboards can be highly cost-efficient and effective. Many people traveling during the summer are looking for signs to break up the monotony of the road. 
  • Outdoor Events
    While Covid has put some events on hold, the economy is picking back up due to relaxed restrictions here in Texas. People are gathering again, so now’s the time to align your business with sports and community events, street fairs, block parties, farmer’s markets, and summer festivals – all great ways to get your business known on a local level. Another benefit to being locally involved is that your business will pop up when you do a Google or Bing search such as “Things to do near me.”
  • Summer Themes
    Advertising 101 dictates that advertisers must keep their ads and marketing current and relevant. While you may be reaching the right people, if your message isn’t resonating with them, it falls on deaf ears. Make sure you have quality content that captivates your customers. Additionally, employ campaigns that are bold and relevant, with a strong call to action.
  • Summer Giveaways
    Everyone loves FREE stuff! Having a hot summer giveaway is a surefire way to attract attention. Many businesses offer promotional products with their logo on them. Giving out a beachball, frisbee or any small fun summer item will be a hit.

With these easy tips, your business can make the most out of your consumers’ summertime spending and achieve a maximum ROI.