While cable and satellite aren’t going away any time soon, it’s important to know that the media landscape is changing. Many people are abandoning these mediums in favor of the latest trend in viewing– OTT.

OTT stands for “Over-The-Top” digital media streaming. The name originally referred to the devices that go “over-the-top” of cable boxes, allowing them access to digital content. OTT allows viewers to watch television using the internet. Many OTT providers offer a wide range of streaming services, shows, programs, and some content that is unique to their own platform. OTT providers are the ones that power streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, etc. 

Many younger people (anyone under 40) who can’t afford cable or just don’t want to utilize it are called cord cutters, meaning they’re using other platforms to watch premium movies, shows, etc. As “boomers” exit the market, these platforms will eventually replace cable and satellite over the next few years, as they’re either free or low-cost options. 

Traditional media utilizes data from Nielsen to target demographics by age and income based on viewing times and TV shows. However, while they have YEARS of research and studying to see what demo is watching what shows at what times, there is still a lot of guesswork involved. OTT takes the guesswork out of media buying for strategically targeting demographics and even psychographics. Its advantages over cable differs from television in that it follows the audience based on their viewing habits. As a result, the real beauty of OTT is that the desired demographic is highly targeted AND extremely trackable. 

Many OTT providers offer a dashboard that contains granular tracking of your demo, while some just send a weekly report. The CPM (cost per thousand) is higher than television, but it’s also highly targeted. The more targeted, the more expensive. But if you are marketing to a specialized demographic, you’re likely to get more response to your ad based on the viewership. Many OTT providers allow you to target by DMA, zip codes, income, age, viewing habits, buying habits and so much more.  

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