Branding - Lemurs Need top-of-mind
We'll get their
Copywriting - Lion Is your company
on the grow?
We'll make your
message roar.
PR - Dolphin Looking to
make a splash?
We'll dive into
your PR.
Public Relations
Media Buying - bear Unsure of your
media buy?
We’re fierce but
Media Buying
Digital Advertising - Fox Have ideas you
need implemented?
We’re all ears. Digital Advertising
Social Media - Bee Gotta get more
social buzz? 
We’ll make
it happen.
Social Media
Marketing - Rhino Looking for a
greater ROI?
Let us
take charge.
Graphic Design - Giraffe Paying too much for
graphic design?
Stretch your
budget with us.
Graphic Design
Logos - Chameleon Need a unique image? It all starts with
your logo.
Logo Design
Websites - Elephant Want to make sure
that no one forgets
your website?
Call for a
free quote.
Website Design
Automotive - Cheetah We'll rev
up results.
Automotive Need your sales
in the fast lane?
TV-Radio -Chicks Trying to reach
more peeps?
We’ll show
you how.
TV & Radio
Packaging - Dogs Can awesome things
come in ALL packages?
They can
with us.
Billboard - parrot Want to be seen? The right
message can
speak for itself.
Billboard Advertising
Contact Us - Sheep Tired of the same
old baa baa blah?
Call us. Contact Us


We have the people, the resources and the know-how to help you achieve the most “bang for your buck.” Plus you’ll deal directly with the principals of the company, and no one cares more about your success than we do.

Of course, anyone can talk a good game. So how do you know we mean what we say? Well, we’ve got plenty of references. But the bottom line is what we can do for you.


Ad Cetera is a full-service advertising agency based in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in traditional and digital media planning and buying for a variety of clients on a local, regional and national level, as well as award-winning branding, graphic design, radio and television production, videos, website development, copywriting, and more.


We’ll provide you with a thorough assessment of your company’s needs and present a comprehensive plan to help you achieve your goals. If we’re willing to do that to earn your business, just think what we’ll do to keep it. So before you choose an advertising agency, let us show you the Ad Cetera difference.

Carol Thompson – President

As President of Ad Cetera, Inc., Carol Thompson oversees all day-to-day activities of the agency. Carol acts as Media Buyer and Creative Director on client projects, including interfacing with clients, account liaisons and key staff members to ensure highly-effective advertising and marketing strategies.

Her extensive experience includes media buying and copywriting for print, web, video, all forms of digital marketing, television, radio, public relations and corporate communications. Carol also directs and produces television and radio commercials, web videos and more. Throughout the years, she has won numerous awards for her campaigns.

For new business inquiries, contact:

Carol Thompson, President – Ad Cetera, Inc.
Phone: 214.676.4373 | email

Contact us today for your advertising needs.