Use Facebook to Increase Holiday Sales

Use Facebook to Increase Holiday Sales | Happy Thanksgiving

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again… or at least for advertisers. Spoiler alert: People buy more stuff during the holidays and ad spending skyrockets, especially on Facebook. If you are planning on doing digital advertising, Facebook is a really great option and it has the numbers to prove it. The social media giant has more posts, shares and comments during the holidays than any other time of the year, and now more than ever people are using mobile devices to find gifts before doing actual shopping. If you have a B2C organization, the holiday season is the best time to reach your audience and grow your business.

Both Facebook’s organic platform and targeted ads can be powerful tools for increasing sales this holiday season. In 2013, 60% of people found Facebook to be extremely influential to their holiday shopping, 89% of shoppers who shared their shopping experiences did it on Facebook, and compared to search engines, people access Facebook on mobile phones 4.2 times more often for shopping. That’s a lot of reasons to set up a campaign with Facebook.

 Here are some steps to ensuring a successful Facebook holiday campaign:

  •  Plan ahead. Keep in mind these important dates so that you can plan ahead and use Facebook to set up a campaign, and you can save time by scheduling your ads in advance.These are the top holidays for online spending
    • Thanksgiving Day (November 22)
    • Black Friday (November 23)
    • Cyber Monday (November 26)
    • Green Monday (December 3)
  • Use link ads. This allows potential clients o click on the ad and be redirected right to your website or product. Link ads are simple and effective.
  • Target your audience. Make sure your ads reach the people who will respond to your business.
  • Be creative! Stand out from the competition with bold, unique and festive ads. Make sure your campaigns use professional images that capture the audience’s attention.
  • Provide incentives. These would include promotions, free shipping, holiday giveaways, or discounts that can really help your campaign grow. Who doesn’t want a chance to win a free product or service or save some money during the holidays?
  • Keep it simple. Facebook won’t allow more than 20% text on an ad, so use a simple call to action to create awareness and curiosity.
  • Know what’s working, and change what isn’t. You can track how well your campaign is doing in real time using Facebook’s advanced ad manager. Optimize your budget by allocating money to high-preforming ads and pause or cancel under-preforming ones. Using their conversion tracking tool, you can track actions and optimize your ads based on that data.

 If you need help with developing a Facebook advertising campaign contact us today!