The Elements of Great Logo Design

There’s good and then there’s great. At Ad Cetera, we believe we do great logos. And what constitutes a great logo? First and foremost, it should clearly convey the message of who you are and what you’re all about as a company.
The use of graphic elements and type in your logo design should be guided by the following principles:

Keep it simple. A simple graphic ensures easy recognition and makes the logo more memorable. Feature something unexpected or unique without overdoing it.

Make it memorable. To expand on the previous principle, an effective logo should be easily remembered. You can ensure your logo has “top-of-mind awareness” with viewers by making your mark easy to identify and understand.

Ensure that it’s timeless. Your design should be future-proof, meaning that it still looks fresh and stylish in ten years. Refrain from using overly trendy colors or styles that may make your logo become dated over time. That said, you can always refresh your logo without losing its core structure and identity.

Utilize versatility. Your logo design should work across all platforms and mediums, from a billboard to a social media icon. The mark should communicate equally at all sizes and in all applications.

Use appropriate design. The graphic element(s) and typeface(s) you choose must represent the very essence of your company, while keeping all target demographics in mind. Any elements you use should only help to communicate your message without alienating any potential segments of your market.

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