Optimizing Pre-roll Ad Campaigns for Maximum Response

If you’re using pre-roll ads, you should know that 65% of viewers skip them altogether.

But after a recent study, a spokesperson for Magna (the intelligence and investment arm of IPG Mediabrands and IPG Media Lab) said the company “used experimental design to replicate online video experiences in order to measure attention, emotional response, and impact on traditional brand metrics for skippable pre-roll ads.”

This was no rinky dink study. In fact, over 11,000 consumers were involved, and 23 types of ads in eight different industry verticles were measured. The results were quite interesting. Approximately 76% of the respondents said they skipped ads immediately because it’s “ingrained behavior.” But what’s more interesting is that despite this behavior, they still remembered the brand featured in the ads.

As a result of this study, the following are some suggested tips from Magna:

*Use six second, non-skippable ads to complement other pre-roll ads.

*Try to create an emotional connection with viewers through storytelling.

*Because of the high skipping rate, begin the pre-roll ad with your story arc to increase brand awareness.

Obviously, making an impact on the viewer within six seconds will be a challenge. As there’s no margin for error, it’s critical to make the most of both audio and visuals immediately. For more information on how we can optimize the effectiveness of your pre-roll ads, please contact Carol Thompson at 972.387.5577.

SOURCE: Adweek