Media Buys for 2015-2016 Political Advertising

computerBroadcast television will still be the primary advertising medium for both parties in the upcoming elections, accounting for $5.8 billion (51%) of total spend. Next comes cable at $1.1 billion (10%). Surprisingly, digital advertising will play a major role at over $1 billion (9.5%). Newspapers will account for $848 million (7.4%) followed by radio with $827 million (7.3%).

Although politicians wax eloquent on how to fix our current economic crisis, there will be no budget cuts on advertising. In fact, we’ll see at 20% increase over 2012, with total ad spending at a whopping $11.4 billion this year and $16.5 billion for the two years combined. About half of that spending will be for local politicians, city councils, county commissioners, school boards and ballot issues.