Holiday Guerrilla Marketing with Gorilla Strength

Here is a creative infographic with a few tips to have a successful guerrilla marketing campaign.

  1. It’s a jungle out there. Research. Research. Research. We can’t emphasize this enough! If you don’t take time to research your target demographic (gender, age, likes, dislikes, purchasing habits, income, etc.) and strategize how to best reach your intended audience, it’s unlikely that your campaign will be successful.
  2. Go Bananas! Get those creative juices flowing. Grab attention and make your audience want to get a closer look.
  3. “Ooh Ooh, Ah Ah” Let your audience make some noise. Social media has allowed sharing creative campaigns to be so much easier. Creative photo opportunities and hashtags are just one way to get some extra oohs and ahs.

If you are interested in starting a guerrilla marketing campaign, contact us today! We would love the opportunity to consult with you.