FOX Refuses 84 Lumber Super Bowl Ad

Although this isn’t the first time FOX has refused to air a Super Bowl ad, the reasons for its rejection of this one are unique. FOX felt the ad was too politically-charged and perhaps with good reason.

84 Lumber is a Pennsylvania-based lumber company that planned to purchase a 90-second commercial during the FOX telecast of the Super Bowl. The commercial was shot in Puebla, Mexico. The spot’s focus is on recruitment and portrayed images of immigrants unable to cross the border because of the incoming administration’s proposed wall.

Maggie Harder Magerko, owner and president of 84 Lumber said the chain wanted to inform the world that her company doesn’t discriminate for any reason. She went on to say that her company hires people who “don’t always fit nicely into a box.”

To appease FOX, 84 Lumber is contemplating deleting the wall in the ad. Or they may abandon the current commercial idea altogether and create one that is less political and more in line with FOX’s standards.

Frankly, we’re surprised that any company or its agency would run such a controversial ad, given the current political climate. As an ad agency and media buying service, it appears obvious to us that such a television ad campaign could do far more harm than good, especially since it would run during an event with a huge and diverse viewing audience. Not to mention that Super Bowl ads are extremely expensive.

The above is a perfect example of why it’s imperative to strategically target your demographic. Why risk a future need for damage control from such a move?