Fox Adopts Youtube’s 6-Second Ad Format

Fox Networks group has decided to adopt the 6-second non-skippable ad format that was introduced by YouTube last year. These 6-second ads will first appear on their digital and on-demand platforms but will eventually branch out to linear television. Fox is the first broadcast network to sign on to the newly introduced short ad format.

Fox and YouTube announced their plans during a joint appearance at the Cannes Lions Film Festival in France. Fox said it’s priority with this ad change is to figure out the best way for a brand to reach their consumers. This change has cut back ad time in some of it’s programming, giving the viewer a more enjoyable experience and provides a brand lift for advertisers.

While TV ads are typically 15 to 30 seconds long, the move to online viewing, where users are skipping or blocking ads has caused a need for a new strategy.  YouTube believes that this 6-second ad format is just long enough and just short enough to keep their viewer’s attention, get the message across, and not be too annoying to the viewer.  

Fox plans to have new ad format ready to launch for digital shows and content by October of this year. Fox believes that this shorter ad format will be embraced by advertisers, given that consumers are growing in frustration with frequent ad interruptions.

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