Advertisers Use Animated Ads to Stand Out from the Clutter

 With the rise of 6-second ads, many major brands such as KFC, Taco Bell and Heinz are turning to animation to convey their messages. Long-form animated ads allow brands to tell their story in a creative, bold and catchy way. 

To say that people have grown accustomed to watching videos on their phones and tablets from social media platforms is an understatement. In fact, consumers of all ages spend numerous hours per day watching videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and more. As a result, advertisers have been searching for innovative ways to stand out from the plethora of competing brands and information. Although it may be considered “old school” to many, animation provides advertisers with a tried and true way to attract and hold consumers’ attention.

 While 6-second ads and traditional :30 & :60 commercial ads are not going away any time soon, the utilization of longer animated ads is a growing trend. An added bonus is that animation emotionally appeals to a broader audience in terms of age, lifestyles and buying patterns.

Taco Bell recently released a 100-second animated spot on YouTube that drew over 1 million views in a two-month period. Now that is a successful ad!

Heinz Beans recently did an animated 3-minute film to debut a new line of packaging and can sizes. After writing the script, the company decided that the storyline needed more pizzazz than real people and sets could provide. And they were able to achieve this with a charming animated ad called “A Can Size for Every Aussie.”

 KFC also released an animated ad that scored over 850,000 video views. This ad was a tribute to their Big Chicken, a 56-foot-tall hen statue located in Marietta, GA. Animating their story allowed them to have the giant metal statue move around the state and engage in an adventure with a young boy. It was a delightful tale that appealed to a mass audience. (Imagine if they were able to accomplish this in real life. It would have looked terrifying.) 

Animation is an excellent format to consider for consumer brands targeting families. If done correctly, it will appeal to just about every demographic, while increasing mind share and long-term brand value as a whole.

Source: Adweek